Dedication of ‘Lorraine’s Corner’ June 10 alongside the Parks garden

Saturday, June 2, 2012

DOVER — A portion of the Joe B. Parks Riverwalk public garden will be dedicated next weekend in memory of longtime resident and activist Lorraine Goren.

At 2 p.m. Sunday, June 10, a garden area in the pathway that runs along the Cocheco River will be deemed “Lorraine’s Corner” in honor of her tireless effort to the make the city a better place.

Lorraine’s Corner is located in a section of the riverwalk that is most easily accessed next to Coldwell Banker on Central Avenue.

Lorraine moved to the Garrison City when she was a junior in high school and worked at her family’s Central Avenue business known as Farnham’s Department Store. She spent her years as a resident displaying multiple acts of volunteerism and was named, alongside her husband, as Dover’s Citizen of the Year in 1997.

In 2005, Lorraine was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. She battled the disease with her family at her side until she passed at the age of 68 in 2009. Despite dealing with cancer, Stephen Goren said his wife didn’t let it stop her from continuing to aid the city and its many residents.

The Gorens were introduced to Amy’s Treat, a 501c3 that reaches out to those affected by cancer, during Lorraine’s four year battle. As a couple who loves music and theater, they were treated to a night out at the Seacoast Repertory Theatre.

After Lorraine’s passing, Goren was again approached by the nonprofit. The group wanted Goren’s OK to create a meditation and healing garden along the Cocheco River walkway that would be a memorial to his wife.

“I think they were looking for someone who was representative of the community,” said Goren. “There’s probably very few people who were better known than Lorraine.”

The memorial includes the installation of a stone near the Central Avenue entrance to the walkway bearing the inscription, “Lorraine’s Corner, where hope grows. Meditative healing garden supported by Amy’s Treat in memory of Lorraine Goren.” Flowers and shrubbery conducive to healing and meditation have been planted, and benches and a stone walkway have been constructed as well.

Goren said he thinks the location of Lorraine’s Corner is fitting because his wife was such a presence in the downtown community.

As for the healing garden, Goren said he also thought that was an appropriate reflection of his wife’s spirit.

“Lorraine is continuing to leave her mark on the city through the garden,” he said with a smile.

Goren said he is hoping people will adopt a habit he has already created for himself, which consists of visiting the garden almost every time he passes through town. He said he hopes that Lorraine’s Corner will serve as a place for patients, their families and anyone looking for a moment of serenity to go and relax.

“It will also help bring attention to what types of things Amy’s Treat does for the community,” said Goren.

City officials as well as members of Amy’s Treat and the Joe B. Parks Committee will be on hand for the June 10 dedication. The public is encouraged to attend and enjoy the garden.